tourette and ocd can be experienced exlusively, or they can overlap.

It has taken years to learn why I am the way I am. The behaviours, the fears, the sensory issues

I am still discovering ways in which Tourette and OCD influences my behaviour and affects my life.

For that reason I have created three sections for my website. These are:

Tourette blog

My earliest memories were biting the carpet. Gritting my teeth until it hurt. Saying the same words and phrases over and over again.

This blog goes into the sensory urges I have to carry out certain movements and sounds. There are no thoughts behind the actions, think of it like scratching an itch.

OCD blog

I would start the chapter of a book again if I made a mistake. The same with gaming or watching a movie.

One intrusive thought could ruin an entire holiday. I have since learned that this is mental contamination.

OCD consists of the intrusive thoughts and fears, and the behaviours I carry out to try to escape them.

Tourettic OCD

Why did I have to do a fourth eye-blink, when I only had a sensory urge to do it three times?

Why do certain words and phrases help get rid of intrusive thoughts?