Spitting tics

Spitting can be an unwanted urge as a result of a tic-disorder. It can be regarded as anti-social behaviour, even though the … Read post

Kissing tics

Kissing people or objects is surprisingly common in tic-disorders. This unwanted urge can make us feel extremely awkward, especially in public. Texas … Read post

Pinching and nipping tics

Pinching tics are painful. They can be self-inflicted or done to other people, causing harm and great stress. 

Eyebrow tics

Eyebrow tics are very common, often involving raising one eyebrow or both. Some very well-known people have this motor tic, helping raise … Read post

Hair-pulling tics

Hair-pulling can be a simple holding of the hair, to violent, forceful tugs. Whether pulling our own hair or someone else’s, this … Read post

Tics involving teeth

Teeth can be the focus of tics in a tic-disorder. Very sensitive to pain, tics such as grinding, chattering and wobbling teeth … Read post