Food poisoning anxiety

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Food poisoning can be a serious illness. For those with anxiety and OCD, eating can be a very difficult experience.

This article looks into how food poisoning can affect someone day to day, and effect those around us.

“Now in my thirties, I am only getting round to cooking for myself. I never did. I hated it. The thought of not cooking things thoroughly was enough to put me off eating and I would just end up going to a fast food chain. It made my life easier.

I always trusted other people, as well as bars and restaurants. I knew chefs were making and handling the food, and I never had issues growing up in these establishments. The same with accepting food from my parents.

I just never trusted myself. And as the years gone by, the harder it was to have confidence in myself when making food. I started by cooking things I knew would cause less food poisoning if it was to happen.

And there are still many things I would love to make but I just can’t bring myself to do it, especially if I am to cook for others.

It’s becoming embarrassing. Finding an excuse to not be on BBQ duties with friends and if I have kids one day, I need to be able to cook for them. To cook for my partner too. I know I need to change but it feels so far off.”

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