Starting over OCD

This is my obsession with perfection, and starting something again if I don’t do it right the first time.

This could be reading a book, walking into a building or putting milk back in the fridge.

Starting Over-OCD began with books, and then video games. Now so much of my daily life involves repeating an action until I do it in a way that feels just right.

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Because this affects me in different ways, I have created specific posts and linked them below.

There are two reasons why I feel the need to start over

Mental Contamination OCD

Sometimes intrusive thoughts make me stop what I am doing and start again. This is due to Mental Contamination.

Tourettic OCD

Other times a simple mistake makes me want to start over. I will keep starting again until it feels just right.

The main ways that Starting Over OCD affects me

Reading OCD

Reading became almost impossible due to the amount of times I would start the book again. It is the biggest problem with my Reading OCD

Gaming OCD

I have a similar issue when gaming. Intrusive thoughts and mistakes had me resetting the console often and the main struggle in my Gaming OCD.

It affects my vacations and other plans I have made

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With Time OCD, I have an intrusive thought just after midnight, I can potentially contaminate that day and will move plans to the following day.

Special event OCD

I usually get a very strong urge to start again when at special events, meaning walking out the venue and entering until it feels right. I call this Special Event OCD.

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I once had to book a second trip to the Empire State Building due to an intrusive thought. I speak about this here at Mental Contamination on Vacation.

Numbers OCD

Things being an odd number make me want to turn around and find an alternative. I talk about my counting obsession at Number OCD.

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