What is TOCD? An acronym for two OCD subtypes

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Currently, there are at least two subtypes of OCD that are both using the term ‘TOCD’.

TOCD currently refers to Tourettic OCD, as well as Transgender OCD. Both subtypes of OCD are frequently searched, with many sufferers experiencing these. It is possible to experience both.

After realising that many of my tics were a result of intrusive thoughts and not a sensory urge, I began to look into how both Tourette and OCD can combine into one. I was also noticing how tics made me feel uncomfortable if I did an odd number of them.

This is when I learned about the term Tourettic-OCD, often shortened to TOCD.

Many of my searches online led to Transgender OCD, a different subtype entirely, also shortened to TOCD.

So which one is it?

I asked the r/OCD community for their opinion

Over at Reddit, I decided to ask the 147k-strong OCD community.

The result was the same as the online search. Mixed. One member kindly provided the following input:

‘I think the various four letter acronyms are confusing and unnecessarily divide ocd sufferers. All the subtypes suffer from the same disorder ocd, it’s just that the content of the obsessions vary.’

The same user stated that they also encountered the same clash of subtypes with ‘HOCD’. They were searching Harm OCD and found Homosexual OCD.

Another user believed that TOCD stood for Transgender OCD, but felt bias because this was the subtype that affected them personally.

Bias will no doubt influence the opinions when it comes to what the letters stand for.

Do we need an international moderator for these acronyms?

At present, TOCD can refer to both subtypes, and many more. This means searching the web will bring up at least two separate results. Confusing, and not very organised.

If the International OCD Foundation or a similar organisation could provide a list of acronyms for the most searched subtypes, hopefully there wouldn’t be such a mixed bag of results online.

Is this something we need in the community? As time goes on there is an increasing use of acronyms, as well as more subtypes being discovered.

It would make sense to moderate these more.

acronyms are increasingly common in our fast-paced society

Links to the current subtypes

I am yet to create a post for Transgender OCD, but when I do I will list it here with any other posts that can be used with the acronym ‘TOCD’:


Time-OCD (also known as time contamination)

Transgender-OCD (coming soon)

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