Does David Beckham have Tourette?

David Beckham has went public with his OCD struggles. Some websites are claiming the ex-England footballer has Tourette syndrome, too. Is this a case of mistaking Tourette syndrome for OCD, or has he mentioned Tourette himself? What has Beckham said? David Beckham talked about his obsessive traits on the evening talk show Friday Night with […]

13 Ways Anger Manifests from Tourette

This is an anonymous post from a sufferer. It highlights ways in which anger manifests as a result of Tourette, and co-occurring issues. I’m learning to deal with anger. I’m also learning how much Tourette syndrome has contributed to my behavioural issues. I try to suppress it, but it usually finds its way to the […]

Dear Gary, our condition isn’t your excuse

It has only been 24 hours since we published an article on Johnny Depp using Tourette as a joke back in May.  Now, Gary Lineker has used Tourette as an excuse for a recently deleted Tweet, using the condition as the reason he said something that didn’t go down very well. It came after the […]

Does Baylen Dupree have Tourette’s? A sufferers perspective

Influencers with Tourette continuously rise to stardom. It makes sense. The crazy tics, the unexpected outbursts, the controversial statements.  On social-media, shock value wins. And with that, Tourette is thriving. Baylen Dupree, a 19 year old with Tourette, has gained a lot of attention with her Tik Tok account. Many influencers are accused of being […]

Johnny Depp has Tourette’s? A real sufferers verdict

Johnny Depp has caused speculation in recent months about a possible Tourette diagnosis. It emerged during one of his court appearances, in which he apologised for- or rather blamed having- Tourette’s syndrome. Check out the 5.26 mark of the below clip from the recent defamation trial. What was said about Tourette Heard’s Lawyer: ‘How did […]

Famous people with OCD and their compulsions

Many well known people such as Daniel Radcliffe, David Beckham and Charlize Theron have stated they have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Despite being a debilitating disorder it can be overcome, and hasn’t prevented some of the people in this list achieving their goals in very successful careers. Here are five famous people that have been diagnosed, […]