Levelling up: Life as a Game Artist with Tourette syndrome

A selfie of Lu with the title's 'indie game artist' to the left and 'digital artist and creator' to the right.

Lu, 21, is an indie game artist and director, studying a masters in Game Art at Falmouth University and currently working as a 2D artist at Strange Folk Studios. I had the pleasure of asking Lu a few questions on working/studying in the game industry with Tourette syndrome. Hi Lu! Firstly, you seem to have a few projects on […]

Can I be a firefighter with Tourette?

Being a firefighter requires high levels of focus, fitness and pressure handling.  Tourette can pose a challenge for some, depending on the severity. As always, we provide an insight into someone with Tourette overcoming this hurdle and becoming successful in the field. Tribive– a news site based in Western Pennsylvania- ran an article on a […]

Can you be a teacher with Tourette’s?

Teaching isn’t easy. But can someone with Tourette’s be a teacher? It is entirely possible for someone with Tourette’s Syndrome to be a teacher. Tics may pose a challenge, however an employee is protected by the Disability Discrimination Act- in the UK at least. This would also be a great way to raise awareness for […]

Is Tourette Syndrome a disability?

Tourette affects day to day life. But is that enough for it to be considered a disability? Well, it really does depend on a couple of factors. Tourette can be considered a disability. It is acknowledged as a disability in the UK, USA and many other nations, but does vary between nations. It can also […]

Jury Service with Tourette’s

Jury Service can pose a challenge for those with Tourette’s. This post will explain briefly what jury service is, and how Tourette Syndrome can have an impact. Jury Service can pose many problems for people with Tourette’s. Motor and vocal tics are difficult if not impossible to suppress in a courtroom, and any co-existing conditions […]

Can someone with Tourette’s become a Police Officer?

A career in the police force comes with many responsibilities. With the training, unpredictable nature and obvious risks, it isn’t an easy position to take up. This is why it is sensible to ask: Can someone with Tourette’s be a Police Officer? Many people with Tourette Syndrome work in the police force, some even using […]

Can I be a doctor or surgeon if I have Tourette’s?

Tics can cause problems for individuals, but doctors and surgeons have had successful careers with Tourette’s and tic disorders. Evidence can be found on the Tourette Association of America’s Debunking Myths and Misconceptions page. It is important to consider that Tourette and tic disorders vary from person to person, so this answer will be different […]

Can people with Tourette’s drive? It depends on this

Can people with Tourette’s drive? It depends on two factors. The severity of tics, and the countries laws. For example in the UK, learner drivers do not have to tell the DVLA unless they feel tics will affect their driving. There may be a hefty fine for those with more severe Tourette if they decide […]

Can you join the Military with Tourette’s Syndrome?

Joining the military can certainly be a challenge. But can you join the military with Tourette’s? Depending on the severity, it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. It is possible to join the military with Tourette’s Syndrome, although the condition can certainly make it more difficult. It is important to be open and honest about […]