Food poisoning anxiety

I’m in my thirties, and only now getting round to cooking for myself.  I never did. I hated it.  The thought of not cooking things thoroughly was enough to put me off eating. I would just end up ordering take-out. It made my life easier. I always trusted other people, and was always okay eating […]

Sleepwalking anxiety

A Stanford University study showed that 3.6% of Americans sleepwalk. For some people, the fear of sleepwalking can be anxiety inducing. The following article provides an insight into someone with sleepwalking anxiety, and their struggles to sleep knowing they are prone to sleepwalking. Sometimes when I’m stressed I tend to sleepwalk more. I don’t know […]

Why do I keep checking my heart rate?

Featured image of lady holding her chest

Heart rate OCD is a theme of OCD that is linked to heart health, or the worry of a heart attack and associated problems. It can be paralysing, making us fear disease or heart failure, preventing us from exercising and worrying too much about our diet. In the last few years I have become obsessed […]

Food allergy OCD

A food allergy disrupts day-to-day life.  But I don’t have a food allergy. This doesn’t stop me avoiding certain foods like seafood and peanuts, particularly during travel or in remote areas. Food allergy-anxiety manifests as the fear of an allergic reaction after consuming certain foods, sometimes due to OCD. This fear can increase in an […]

Does caffeine make OCD worse?

OCD can be intensified by caffeine consumption, increasing heart rate, anxiety and obsessive thinking. One study however showed that caffeine consumption reduced compulsive behavior. It would still be wise to stop consuming caffeine with an anxiety disorder to see if it helps, and limit the intake to see if any positives are seen. Caffeine affects […]