Can tiredness and fatigue make tics worse?

Tiredness can make tics worse. Tics can be made worse indirectly due to stress from fatigue and increased caffeine consumption. You know that feeling after a great night sleep? No?  That’s understandable. Tourette and tic disorders can make sleep very difficult. According to this PubMed article, sleep disorders have been reported in 80% of Tourette’s syndrome patients. […]

The worst foods to eat with Tourette Syndrome

Certain foods can make tics worse. Many people have noticed specific foods being a trigger. Processed foods, foods with sugar, dairy, gluten and products with caffeine have all been linked to an increase in tics for some people. Many have seen a reduction of tics after eliminating certain foods. Tourette syndrome is a condition that […]

Does gluten make tics worse?

An image of various types of bread and some wheat lying on a black table covered in flour

There is growing interest in how gluten impacts our health. For those that are celiac or gluten-sensitive, it is a no-go. Should those of us with tic disorders take a similar approach? Gluten consumption has been linked with an increase in tics. One study looked at a gluten-free diet in people with tic disorders, after […]

Does sugar make tics worse?

Sugar is an ingredient we can’t get enough of, but can harm us in the process. I have become increasingly aware of the link between sugar and Tourette syndrome and whether I want to reduce consumption. Studies have linked increased consumption of sugar with increased tics in adults with tic disorders. It would be sensible […]

Caffeine can make Tics Worse in Tourette’s Syndrome

Can caffeine cause tics? For me, definitely. For you, possibly. I was in my local coffee shop. I ordered a ‘weak latte’ and headed back home to study. Before I knew it I was on the phone to my GP during a major panic attack with increased tics. I know that caffeine affects everyone differently. […]