Is Tourette Syndrome hereditary?

Is TS hereditary featured

Tics tend to run in families, and they certainly do in mine. However it seems there isn’t a gene that causes Tourette syndrome. I wanted to look into this, and found a very interesting quote from my childhood neurologist when I was diagnosed. My mum spoke about tics in the family when I was being … Read more

Parenting a child with Tourette Syndrome

Parenting a Child with TS

Learning that your child has Tourette Syndrome can be tough. Growing up with Tourette means that I have a very good understanding of what it is like for a child. I was nine when I was diagnosed, and tics were present throughout my teens, twenties and now thirties. Please note: I cannot give professional advice, … Read more

Can someone with Tourette’s hold a baby?

Can I hold a baby with TS

If you have a newborn, you may be hesitant to allow a friend or family member with tics to hold your baby. As a sufferer myself, I have certainly felt stressed with the responsibility. I fully understand that parents would have some concerns about this. In short, it is perfectly fine to allow most people … Read more