Can I drive with Tourette’s Syndrome?

Driving with TS

It took three attempts for me to pass my driving test. I don’t feel this was due to TS, as my tics when driving are fairly mild compared to other sufferers. However, I very much believe ADHD, OCD and anxiety played a part in my lack of focus, overthinking and panic. In the UK at … Read more

Gaming OCD

Gaming OCD

Do you have strange rituals when playing games that isn’t necessary for the game itself, but more to allow the mind to relax? Gaming OCD has always been a problem for me. But it can’t just be me. These rituals are very similar to my OCD experiences when reading books. It involves checking and ordering … Read more

Having tics when gaming

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Video games are meant to be my chill time. But chill time is pretty hard to achieve with TS… And as is usually the case, the worst tics for that moment are ones that put me off my game. Although these tics have evolved since my N64 days, they still ruin gameplay. Topics covered: How … Read more