Levelling up: Life as a Game Artist with Tourette syndrome

A selfie of Lu with the title's 'indie game artist' to the left and 'digital artist and creator' to the right.

Lu, 21, is an indie game artist and director, studying a masters in Game Art at Falmouth University and currently working as a 2D artist at Strange Folk Studios. I had the pleasure of asking Lu a few questions on working/studying in the game industry with Tourette syndrome. Hi Lu! Firstly, you seem to have a few projects on […]

Can someone with Tourette get a tattoo?

Sitting still with tics can seem like the hardest thing to do. But what if you want to get a tattoo? Depending on the severity, a tattoo can be very easy, or pretty tricky. But that doesn’t mean tattoo parlours are going to turn you down. Many people with Tourette syndrome have mild tics. Ones […]

Can people with Tourette’s drive? It depends on this

Can people with Tourette’s drive? It depends on two factors. The severity of tics, and the countries laws. For example in the UK, learner drivers do not have to tell the DVLA unless they feel tics will affect their driving. There may be a hefty fine for those with more severe Tourette if they decide […]

Having tics when gaming

Video games are meant to be my chill time. But chill time is pretty hard to achieve with TS… And as is usually the case, the worst tics for that moment are ones that put me off my game. Although these tics have evolved since my N64 days, they still ruin gameplay. Tics in Sports […]