Can someone with Tourette’s adopt?

Adoption has a process. But can someone with Tourette adopt? Here we look at the possibility, and how much this differs from country to country. Like Tourette, adoption is assessed on a case by case basis. Although severity may affect the chances of someone adopting, it is not a disqualifying factor. Some people have tics […]

Can someone with Tourette’s live a normal life?

Tourette syndrome can cause major disruptions in a persons life. But with the right treatment, support and acceptance, someone with TS can live a very fulfilled, successful life. One of the most frustrating aspects of living with TS actually comes from the surrounding environment. There is still a lot of stigma around the condition, most […]

Is Tourette Syndrome curable?

Despite progress being made to understand Tourette, there isn’t a cure for the syndrome. This is more difficult considering how much it can vary from person to person, from the triggers to tic severity, to types of movements and sounds. The NHS states the following regarding a cure: There’s no cure for Tourette’s syndrome and […]

Is Tourette Syndrome contagious?

Thanks to a controversial documentary aired by Channel 4 recently, concern has grown about Tourette being contagious. In short- it isn’t. However for those with the condition, being around other people with tics can cause tics to worsen.  UK charity Tourette’s Action has released a response to the latest documentary: Britain’s Tourette’s Mystery. Image taken from   […]

Can tiredness and fatigue make tics worse?

Tiredness can make tics worse. Tics can be made worse indirectly due to stress from fatigue and increased caffeine consumption. You know that feeling after a great night sleep? No?  That’s understandable. Tourette and tic disorders can make sleep very difficult. According to this PubMed article, sleep disorders have been reported in 80% of Tourette’s syndrome patients. […]

Is Tourette’s a learning disability?

Although Tourette syndrome is classed as a disability in many countries, it isn’t regarded as a learning disability. Tourette syndrome does not impact intelligence, however it can be a disruption to learning. Below is an account from a sufferer, explaining how Tourette syndrome has made learning difficult. “I realized that I was being treated differently […]

The difference between simple and complex tics

Tics can be simple or complex. This doesn’t necessarily refer to the severity of the tic, or how often they occur. It comes down to how many muscles are being used in the process, with some focus on duration and if there are thoughts involved in the movements and/or sounds. The definitions Mayo Clinic defines […]

Am I faking tics in Tourette syndrome?

A common worry is whether the tics we experience are fake or ‘put on’. But fear not. If you are asking this question, you probably have good intentions, and good reason for ticcing, too. In my opinion, if you’ve searched the question, it’s already looking good. Social media has put tics in the spotlight Television […]

Are tics voluntary or involuntary?

Tourette is often described as causing ‘involuntary‘ motor and vocal tics. But are tics really involuntary? It depends on who you ask. Let’s look at the definition and why opinions may differ from person to person. Many medical definitions describe them as ‘involuntary’ The NHS in the UK describes them as involuntary. Tourette’s syndrome is […]

The history of Tourette Syndrome

An image of Paris in the 1800's, with the Eiffel Tower in background and a horse and cart in foreground. The title 'History of Tourette' underneath it.

It’s the Middle Ages in Speyer, Germany. Renown for its Romanesque Cathedral, Speyer was an important location for the Holy Roman Empire.  By the 1400’s, the Inquisition was well under way throughout Europe. Conducted by the Catholic Church, the Inquisition had a mission to seek out undesirables such as heretics, devil-worshippers and witches. It wasn’t […]