Tics involving touch

Touching is a common motor tic. This can be touching almost anything, depending on the individual. What they have in common is … Read post

Punching tics

Punching tics can involve punching the air, objects, ourselves and sometimes others. This tic isn’t just a risk for the individual with … Read post

Shoulder shrugging tics

Shoulder-shrugging tics are motor tics, and usually involve moving the shoulder in an up and down motion. This may involve one shoulder … Read post

Smelling tics

Smelling tics manifest as an urge to smell something, sometimes without a specific pattern or when a specific thing is in view. As … Read post

Jumping tics

Jumping tics are self explanatory tics that are more complex in nature, given that it requires more muscle groups and takes more … Read post

Kicking tics

Kicking tics can involve kicking the air, objects or people.  Very similar to motor tics such as punching, this tic can be … Read post

Face scrunching tics

Face scrunching is the term used to describe tics that cause the face to appear ‘scrunched’. Oxford Languages defines scrunched as: “crush or … Read post

Tongue-related tics

Tongue-related tics occur via a movement, or sound from the tongue.  Tongue tics may occur as the following (but not limited to): … Read post

Breathing tics

Gasping or breathing tics consist of inhaling or exhaling due to a tic disorder. They can be considered to be both motor and/or vocal tics.  … Read post