Clenching fist tics

A clenched fist is normally an aggressive gesture. With a tic-disorder, a clenched fist comes from an unwanted urge, and not a sign of aggression. In ways, clenched fists tics can share similarities with tics like foot-stomping. They may appear aggressive or defensive, giving people the wrong perception. This can lead to problems for children […]

Muscle-related tics

Motor tics work muscles. Sometimes, tics specifically target muscles, such as tensing and flexing. This can be tiring, and risk injury due to overuse. Motor tics work muscles.  Eye blinking, head nodding, punching… muscles work to carry out these tics. For some, the muscle movement is the tic, involving flexing, tensing or squeezing. This can […]

Standing, sitting and lying down tics

Tics involving standing up, sitting or lying down often go against what is desired at the time. Standing up during a movie, sitting down in an elevator, or lying down in the street. These tics can be tiring and draw unwanted attention. Imagine the urge to sit down in line at airport security, or the […]

Knee-related tics

Knee-related tics are motor tics focused on knee-movements. This could be the act of hitting the knee against something, or kneeling down.  Such tics would be motor, as they involve movement. These can be a simple tapping on the knee, to more complex movements involving multiple muscle groups.

Feet and toe tics

Tics occurring in the foot region may include wriggling feet and toes, clicking joints and tapping feet. This can affect walking, and be misinterpreted as other conditions such as ADHD. Clicking toes? It could be a tic. Kicking a wall? That too. Tapping feet? Probably extremely common as a tic.  There are many ways tics […]

Tics affecting genitals

Tics can be embarrassing at the best of times. So what if tics involve our genitals? Whether this is touching your own or an urge to look at other peoples private-parts, this isn’t an easy one to live with. You’re on a date. It’s going well, the two of you connecting and having a good […]

Slapping and hitting tics

Slapping and hitting tics can be very harmful, for both the person with tics and others if they are on the receiving end. It is a tic that can be very tough for families, and cause constant pain if self-inflicted. This tic can make everyday life a struggle. It can interfere with school, employment and […]

Foot-tapping and stomping

Stomping may seem like an angry reaction, but this is not the case with tics. Stomping and the pressure it causes to the feet will cause stress, and often perceived as anti-social behaviour. What do you do when you’re a victim, seen as the aggressor? When you’re treated like a threat, but the one needing […]

Spitting tics

Spitting can be an unwanted urge as a result of a tic-disorder. It can be regarded as anti-social behaviour, even though the urge is involuntary. Spitting in public can be problematic, especially if directed at someone. Tourettes Action in the UK defines spitting tics as a complex tic in their FAQ section. Spitting- if a […]

Kissing tics

Kissing people or objects is surprisingly common in tic-disorders. This unwanted urge can make us feel extremely awkward, especially in public. Texas Children’s Hospital lists kissing tics as a complex tic. These tics are defined by as tics that: ‘usually involve several different parts of the body and can have a pattern’. Kissing may […]