Does being cold make tics worse?


Why do I tic when I’m cold? And why is the man behind me in his underwear? I chose Covent Garden for this post (the reason is at the end of the post!) asking why the cold makes tics worse in some of us with Tourette’s and tic disorders. And although the reasons may differ … Read more

What makes my tics Tourette’s and not another tic disorder

Difference between TS and Tic Disorders

Everyone with Tourette’s has tics, but not everyone with tics has Tourette’s. I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome because I have both motor and vocal tics. It was also because these tics lasted longer than a year. My diagnosis helped me to see TS and other tic disorders more clearly. Topics covered: Explanation of tics … Read more

Five myths about Tourette’s that need changing

TS Myths

There are many misconceptions floating about the web related to Tourette’s Syndrome. It is one of the most misunderstood conditions out there, however with more awareness and social media coverage things are changing. I wanted to publish a post with a handful of these misconceptions, in the hope that one day they are no longer. … Read more

Can I join the Army with Tourette’s Syndrome?

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Joining the army with Tourette’s Syndrome can certainly pose a challenge. However depending on the severity, TS doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker. It is possible to join the army with Tourette’s Syndrome, although the condition can certainly make it more difficult. It is important to be open and honest about medication and tics, and … Read more

OCD Staring Compulsion: Looking at people and things obsessively

Staring OCD

Staring OCD can be one of the most embarrassing compulsions out there. I had it bad when I worked in hotels, now I get in on the London Underground. I also do it during my household checks, not as embarrassing but very time consuming. Staring is a common compulsion, often at objects, people and body … Read more

Caffeine can make Tics Worse in Tourette’s Syndrome

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Does caffeine make tics worse? For me, definitely. For you, possibly. I was in my local coffee shop. I ordered a ‘weak latte’ and headed back home to study. Before I knew it I was on the phone to my GP during a major panic attack with increased tics. I know that caffeine affects everyone … Read more

My Motor and Vocal Tics

Motor and Vocal Tics

I have both motor and vocal tics. These have changed over time, as has the severity. Here I will provide an in depth look at my tics and why I have the ones I do. Topics covered: Definition of tics How tics feel when they occur Examples of motor and vocal tics How my tics … Read more