Fridge checking OCD

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In recent years my need to constantly check the fridge has worsened. It puts me off wanting to cook and one reason for my poor diet in my twenties. Opening the fridge usually means opening a can of worms. Fridge OCD comes from my worry that food will spoil or contaminate other foods. For this … Read more

Oven checking OCD

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I wish my oven worked like a microwave. It pings when finished and that’s it. Sadly ovens have stayed in the past and it drives me crazy because of my oven checking OCD. I want to share some of my thoughts when cooking and my behaviors around this, in the hope some of you can … Read more

Door checking OCD

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The door is not locked unless the handle leaves a mark in my hand. I need to push down hard when I check just in case it is unlocked and I am not trying hard enough. Usually four hard shoves will be conclusive proof I have locked it and I can finally be on my … Read more