Social media OCD

Social Media OCD

We can post something and have it viewed by potentially billions of people in an instant. It only makes sense that my Social Media OCD goes through the roof every time I share something. I wanted to say something about Social Media OCD as it is definitely a thing. A very annoying, persistent problem for … Read more

Email OCD

Email OCD

I send 15-30 emails on a work day. Not much, but email OCD adds to the workload. I have a constant fear that I am going to send something highly inappropriate to someone. I proof-read my emails at least five to ten times to look for anything that may have me fired or cancelled. So … Read more

Gaming OCD

Gaming OCD

Do you have strange rituals when playing games that isn’t necessary for the game itself, but more to allow the mind to relax? Gaming OCD has always been a problem for me. But it can’t just be me. These rituals are very similar to my OCD experiences when reading books. It involves checking and ordering … Read more

Reading OCD

Reading OCD

As a child I loved escaping into a book. Reading OCD however made this process a lot more complicated than it should have been. There was a specific routine I had to do every single time I bought a new book. Checking and Ordering OCD are the types that affected me whilst reading, along with … Read more

Ordering and Symmetry OCD

Ordering OCD

I suffer with Ordering OCD, however it is mostly mental ordering. I have a routine in my head that I need to stick to. Some people need to put physical items in order however that doesn’t really affect me. Ordering OCD– in my experience- can be very similar to Checking OCD and Just Right OCD, … Read more

Number OCD

Numbers OCD

Four is the magic number. I know why this is, and I know Number-OCD is a problem like all the others. I just find it hard to not let it control me. I count things that I do obsessively, such as the steps I climb. If it’s not four that’s cool, but I much prefer … Read more

Fridge checking OCD

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In recent years my need to constantly check the fridge has worsened. It puts me off wanting to cook and one reason for my poor diet in my twenties. Opening the fridge usually means opening a can of worms. Fridge OCD comes from my worry that food will spoil or contaminate other foods. For this … Read more