Scrupulosity and Religious OCD

Religious OCD

OCD to religion is like fuel to a fire. It makes it so much more intense. For me, this is one of the most terrifying forms of OCD due to what’s at stake. I cannot provide professional advice here, but would like to share my perspective and provide some support to other sufferers. Topics covered: … Read more

Starting over OCD

Starting Over OCD

This is my obsession with perfection, and starting something again if I don’t do it right the first time. This could be reading a book, walking into a building or putting milk back in the fridge. Starting Over-OCD began with books, and then video games. Now so much of my daily life involves repeating an … Read more

OCD ruining a special occasion

Special event OCD

Mental Contamination is always threatening to ruin my experiences. And the more exciting the occasion, the more it wants to bring me down. One of my favorite memories will always be attending the opening ceremony of Rio 2016. I went with with my English flatmate and a lovely couple from Sao Paulo, during a months … Read more

Time OCD

Time OCD

Over the years I have had a problem with time-contamination. Intrusive thoughts coming at the wrong time and subsequently ruining that day, month or year. I will need a little time to explain this one. It all revolves around midnight. The moment when a new day starts. Both hands striking 12 isn’t only the beginning … Read more

Gaming OCD

Gaming OCD

Do you have strange rituals when playing games that isn’t necessary for the game itself, but more to allow the mind to relax? Gaming OCD has always been a problem for me. But it can’t just be me. These rituals are very similar to my OCD experiences when reading books. It involves checking and ordering … Read more

Reading OCD

Reading OCD

As a child I loved escaping into a book. Reading OCD however made this process a lot more complicated than it should have been. There was a specific routine I had to do every single time I bought a new book. Checking and Ordering OCD are the types that affected me whilst reading, along with … Read more

Number OCD

Numbers OCD

Four is the magic number. I know why this is, and I know Number-OCD is a problem like all the others. I just find it hard to not let it control me. I count things that I do obsessively, such as the steps I climb. If it’s not four that’s cool, but I much prefer … Read more