Eternity and Infinity OCD

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This is the kind of phobia that feels inescapable. Fear of crocodiles? Don’t go near a crocodile. Fear of loud noises? Wear earplugs. Fear of eternity? Well, that one’s here to stay. There are months when I would not have been able to blog about this out of pure fear. But I type this at … Read more

Existential and Depersonalization OCD

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I remember the exact moment this OCD formed. I was 16 years old, burning a fire with friends under the clearest night sky. I gazed up at the stars and it hit me. I was nothing. Trapped inside the universe, hurtling through the vastness of space not knowing where we are heading. This OCD came … Read more

Scrupulosity and Religious OCD

Religious OCD

OCD to religion is like fuel to a fire. It makes it so much more intense. For me, this is one of the most terrifying forms of OCD due to what’s at stake. I cannot provide professional advice here, but would like to share my perspective and provide some support to other sufferers. Topics covered: … Read more