Levelling up: Life as a Game Artist with Tourette syndrome

A selfie of Lu with the title's 'indie game artist' to the left and 'digital artist and creator' to the right.

Lu, 21, is an indie game artist and director, studying a masters in Game Art at Falmouth University and currently working as a 2D artist at Strange Folk Studios. I had the pleasure of asking Lu a few questions on working/studying in the game industry with Tourette syndrome. Hi Lu! Firstly, you seem to have a few projects on […]

Is Tourette Syndrome contagious?

Thanks to a controversial documentary aired by Channel 4 recently, concern has grown about Tourette being contagious. In short- it isn’t. However for those with the condition, being around other people with tics can cause tics to worsen.  UK charity Tourette’s Action has released a response to the latest documentary: Britain’s Tourette’s Mystery. Image taken from tourettes-action.org.uk   […]

Am I faking tics in Tourette syndrome?

A common worry is whether the tics we experience are fake or ‘put on’. But fear not. If you are asking this question, you probably have good intentions, and good reason for ticcing, too. In my opinion, if you’ve searched the question, it’s already looking good. Social media has put tics in the spotlight Television […]

Sudden onset of tics

The words 'we've seen a tic explosion' in the foreground. A dimly lit hospital corridor in the background.

It’s fascinating to learn about the sudden onset of tics so many people have experienced lately. Whether this is the pandemic, social media or something else entirely… it is something that needs a lot more research. I was diagnosed with Tourette’s as a kid, however during the pandemic I have seen an increase in my […]

Having tics when gaming

Video games are meant to be my chill time. But chill time is pretty hard to achieve with TS… And as is usually the case, the worst tics for that moment are ones that put me off my game. Although these tics have evolved since my N64 days, they still ruin gameplay. Tics in Sports […]