OCD Staring at genitals

staring at genitals obsession

Since posting about obsessive staring, I have noticed there is a high amount of search queries for one specific compulsion. Staring at private parts/ genitals. I wanted to speak more about my experience and what I did about it. This became a problem when working in a hotel I won’t mention the specific hotel because … Read more

Email OCD

Email OCD

I send 15-30 emails on a work day. Not much, but email OCD adds to the workload. I have a constant fear that I am going to send something highly inappropriate to someone. I proof-read my emails at least five to ten times to look for anything that may have me fired or cancelled. So … Read more

OCD Staring Compulsion: Looking at people and things obsessively

Staring OCD

Staring OCD can be one of the most embarrassing compulsions out there. I had it bad when I worked in hotels, now I get in on the London Underground. I also do it during my household checks, not as embarrassing but very time consuming. Staring is a common compulsion, often at objects, people and body … Read more