Can tiredness and fatigue make tics worse?

Tiredness can make tics worse. Tics can be made worse indirectly due to stress from fatigue and increased caffeine consumption. You know that feeling after a great night sleep? No?  That’s understandable. Tourette and tic disorders can make sleep very difficult. According to this PubMed article, sleep disorders have been reported in 80% of Tourette’s syndrome patients. […]

Tourette Syndrome and Sleep Problems

Title of blog post with a person awake lying on a bed struggling to sleep in background.

Tourette Syndrome is known to clash with sleep.  In one sleep study of 25 individuals with Tourette, the results found significant sleep disturbances. Sleep just isn’t that simple for those of us with TS. Tics, hyperactivity, night terrors, sensory issues… the list can seem as big as the night is long. Co-occurring conditions can also […]

Does tight clothing make tics worse?

I am writing this after numerous occurrences in which tight clothing has made my tics worse. Items in particular being a scarf or tie, jackets and tight jeans. I have waited until my late twenties to early thirties to actually stop for a moment and analyse why my tics worsen. Sometimes it is hard to […]

Does heat make tics worse?

Does being hot makes your tics worse? For some it does. For others it isn’t a factor. I asked the r/Tourettes community if temperature affected their tics, with some interesting results. Out of 159 people: 15 (including myself) felt that tics worsened in the heat. 87 people felt the cold was a trigger 57 people […]

Does being cold make tics worse?

Why do I tic when I’m cold? For some people, the cold is a trigger of tics. This could be due to stress levels brought on by increased discomfort, and shivering may trigger similar motor tics. Wearing more clothing can also bring on sensory-based tics, and hot drinks with caffeine and sugar will certainly play […]