Sudden onset of tics

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It’s fascinating to learn about the sudden onset of tics so many people have experienced lately. Whether this is the pandemic, social media or something else entirely… it is something that needs a lot more research. I was diagnosed with Tourette’s as a kid, however during the pandemic I have seen an increase in my … Read more

Do people with Tourette enjoy having tics?

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Many Tourette sufferers live with a positive outlook on life. But as someone with Tourette, I can safely say it is not very enjoyable. Tourette often co-exists alongside other conditions. I have had tics my whole life. But because I don’t swear, many people aren’t aware it is Tourette Syndrome. Because of the swearing stereotype, … Read more

Scrupulosity and Religious OCD

Religious OCD

OCD to religion is like fuel to a fire. It makes it so much more intense. For me, this is one of the most terrifying forms of OCD due to what’s at stake. I cannot provide professional advice here, but would like to share my perspective and provide some support to other sufferers. Topics covered: … Read more

Parenting a child with Tourette Syndrome

Parenting a Child with TS

Learning that your child has Tourette Syndrome can be tough. Growing up with Tourette means that I have a very good understanding of what it is like for a child. I was nine when I was diagnosed, and tics were present throughout my teens, twenties and now thirties. Please note: I cannot give professional advice, … Read more

Can I be a doctor or surgeon if I have Tourette’s?

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Tics can cause problems for individuals, but doctors and surgeons have had successful careers with Tourette’s and tic disorders. Evidence can be found on the Tourette Association of America’s Debunking Myths and Misconceptions page. It is important to consider that Tourette and tic disorders vary from person to person, so this answer will be different … Read more

Can I drive with Tourette’s Syndrome?

Driving with TS

It took three attempts for me to pass my driving test. I don’t feel this was due to TS, as my tics when driving are fairly mild compared to other sufferers. However, I very much believe ADHD, OCD and anxiety played a part in my lack of focus, overthinking and panic. In the UK at … Read more

Having tics when gaming

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Video games are meant to be my chill time. But chill time is pretty hard to achieve with TS… And as is usually the case, the worst tics for that moment are ones that put me off my game. Although these tics have evolved since my N64 days, they still ruin gameplay. Topics covered: How … Read more

Tics on a first date

Tics and dating

My mum says I need a soulmate. And God knows I’m trying. Dates have been a mixed bag for me throughout my twenties and thirties. Some great, some not so much. Topics covered: A certain date when tics were a problem for me What tics usually affect me on a date Why they can be … Read more

Does tight clothing make tics worse?

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I am writing this after numerous occurrences in which tight clothing has made my tics worse. Items in particular being a scarf or tie, jackets and tight jeans. I have waited until my late twenties to early thirties to actually stop for a moment and analyse why my tics worsen. Sometimes it is hard to … Read more

Does heat make tics worse?

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Does being hot makes your tics worse? For some it does. For others it isn’t a factor. I asked the r/Tourettes community if temperature affected their tics, with some interesting results. Out of 159 people: 15 (including myself) felt that tics worsened in the heat. 87 people felt the cold was a trigger 57 people … Read more