Whispering tics

Whispering tics are vocal tics that present as an urge to whisper a word or phrase. They may occur for some in … Read post

Squeaking tics

Squeaking tics consist of a short, high pitched sound in the form of a vocal tic. These tics may occur anytime, or … Read post

Sniffing tics

Sniffing is a common tic experienced by those with Tourette and tic disorders. They can be classed as vocal or motor tics … Read post

Crying tics

Have you ever felt the urge to cry, but not due to sadness or fear? Tics can manifest as a premonitory urge … Read post

Laughing tics

Laughing tics consist of forced laughter due to an unwanted urge. These laughs don’t come from happiness or humour, but the result … Read post

Mouth-related tics

Mouth tics are unwanted movements and/or sounds that occur in or around the mouth. They can be painful and affect daily life, especially around eating and breathing.

Tongue-related tics

Tongue-related tics occur via a movement, or sound from the tongue.  Tongue tics may occur as the following (but not limited to): … Read post

Humming tics

Humming is a vocal tic. It is a variation of tic that some people with tic disorders experience, with its own unique … Read post

Whistling tics

Whistling tics often originate from the desire to create a whistling sound. This can be achieved by: Using the lips to create … Read post

Grunting tic

Grunting is a sound someone makes, in this case caused by a tic. Not all grunting is a result of a tic, … Read post