Face scrunching tics

Face scrunching is the term used to describe tics that cause the face to appear ‘scrunched’. Oxford Languages defines scrunched as:

"crush or squeeze (something) into a compact mass."

It’s a face almost everyone has made from time to time, often when angry, or cringing. However, tics manifest for a different reason.

Things to look out for

Face scrunching usually involves the eyes, and closing them with force.

Eye tics has its own dedicated page, as these tics vary from closing the eyes, to touching them, to staring at things. 

It is important to consider how fragile the eyes are with these tics, as it is easy to cause injury.

It is also important to take into account day to day activities such as driving. Face scrunching- like eye tics- involve closing the eyes for periods of time. Activities that need good vision are often impacted by this tic.

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