Nose scrunching tics

Nose scrunching tics occur as a sensation in or around the nose. The tic may cause an urge to feel a ‘squashing’ sensation- or pressure- in the nose region. It may also be to look a certain way more than to feel a bodily sensation.


Is nose scrunching a motor or vocal tic?

This is a motor tic, as it uses movement. It may occur simultaneously with a vocal tic (such as humming), making it a more complex tic. The movement however puts it in the motor category.

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Is nose scrunching a simple or complex tic?

Scrunching the nose can be classed as a simple tic, as it uses limited muscles and requires little effort. 

As with many tics, it may become complex if the tic incorporates more movements, such as head nodding or vocal tics.

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What to look out for

This tic is relatively harmless, due to the simple nature of it.

As with most tics, repetition may cause aches and soreness in the region. Those with nose injuries or recovering from surgery may find this to be a particularly difficult period.

Facial tics often stand out, sometimes causing embarrassment and/or unwanted attention in social settings. This can make things difficult when least desired, such as in the classroom or during a job interview.

This tic may affect vision, depending on the severity and longevity of the tic. Nose scrunching sometimes manifests as a more general face-scrunching tic, involving the eyes. Care has to be taken with tasks such as driving.

Is this caused by Tourette syndrome?

This may be Tourette syndrome if observed with at least one other motor tic, and one vocal tic. 

Diagnosis always has to come from a medical professional.

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