Does Seth Rogen have Tourette?

Seth Rogen has gone public about his struggles with Tourette syndrome. The actor and comedian announced that he had a history of Tourette in his family, after Ted Cruz make a joke about the condition.

It started with a Tweet...

In January 2021, politician Ted Cruz tweeted about the first film he saw in the theatre. Seth responded to this with ‘everyone who made that film would hate you’. 

Ted decided to bite, declaring that Seth behaved ‘like a Marxist with Tourette’s’.

This was personal to Seth, and to the wider Tourette community as it hit the algorithm.

This is when many of us learned of Seth’s Tourette syndrome diagnosis. He used Twitter to bring some awareness to the condition, whilst highlighting the ‘swearing disease’ stereotype.

Jokes about swearing with Tourette are still very common.  Although some people with Tourette do swear, it isn’t the majority of individuals.

It’s great to see Seth standing up for his family, and the wider Tourette community.

Seths parents have also spoken about his movements, and that from an early age he was showing signs of ADHD.

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