Shivering, shaking and trembling tics

Not brought on by the cold or fear, these tics come from an involuntary urge to move in a certain way. This can make everyday tasks- such as carrying drinks or writing- very difficult.

A waiter stands at the bar. He watches as the drinks are poured, the order he took from the large table shortly after they arrived. 

All he can think of is how he is going to manage walking a tray of drinks from the bar to the table. Shaking tics have never been a thing, despite having a tic-disorder. But now, on the first day on the job, he feels them bubbling up.

Affecting everyday life

These trembling tics may only be experienced in moments in which a steady hand is needed. Writing a birthday card or painting a picture. 

The thought of having these tics in future can prevent us doing what we want to do, whether this is firing a weapon in the army or holding a baby

Mind, or matter?

It seems obvious that not wanting to shake can contribute to an unwanted urge to do so. Some readers may be here due to environmental factors causing shivering-like movements, such as cold weather

There is a lot to untangle with tics, from the causes, to overlaps with OCD. This post will expand on this in the very near future.

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