Tics affecting genitals

Tics can be embarrassing at the best of times. So what if tics involve our genitals? Whether this is touching your own or an urge to look at other peoples private-parts, this isn’t an easy one to live with.

You’re on a date. It’s going well, the two of you connecting and having a good time. Then, the dreaded urge to stare at their nether regions. Or to grab your own. It’s certain to kill the mood, and maybe ruin the evening. But as we know, tics don’t really care about that. In fact, they often thrive in such an environment.

Staring is a big issue for people with tic disorders. It is also very common in OCD, with some people experiencing an overlap.

Tics don’t always have to involve touch. Looking in a certain direction can be a tic, and one that has many people experiencing anxiety on public transport, in the workplace and in school.

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