Support Near You

The Tourette Association of America has provided a fantastic page for anyone looking for help worldwide. As the website is US-based, you won’t find USA in their list of international contacts. The website itself is the best place for US-based help and support.

The International OCD Foundation provides a very useful ‘Find Help’ feature that locates OCD help anywhere in the world. This option can be found on the top left area of their page, just under the logo.

So far, these are the most complete lists I have found for organizations around the world.

Don’t worry if your country is not on the list, there may be help that hasn’t been added to this page yet. Hopefully as awareness increases, we will see these lists grow.

In emergencies, or if you are at risk of self harm/suicide, do not be afraid to contact the emergency services or visit a walk in center. I have visited my local walk in center on two separate occasions when my mental health was at it’s lowest, and both times I was referred to therapies near me.

Global Contacts for TS

Link: Global Contacts- Tourette Association of America

Please note: As the website is USA based, you will not find USA in the list. USA help and support can be found on the website itself.

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Global Contacts for OCD

Link: Find Help- International OCD Foundation

Please note: I am currently attending therapy in an area of London that didn’t come up on the map locator.

There may be more options available that haven’t been logged by the IOCDF, so speaking to your local GP could provide help and support closer to you. But this link is a great place to start.

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