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Hi, my name is Sam.

Back in 1999 I was diagnosed with ‘Tourette syndrome in association with obsessive compulsive tendencies, attention deficit hyperactivity and sleep problems.’  I was nine years old.

Now in my thirties, I dedicate my free time to learning as much as I can about Tourette, OCD and the co-occurring conditions.

Feel free to check out my about page here.

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Although there are no cures, there are ways to improve quality of life and reduce symptoms

Tics and intrusive thoughts vary for everyone. This can make it extra tricky, especially for those that are unaware they even have TS or OCD.

Personally, changes to my diet, exercise and sleep schedule have had a positive effect, even if the conditions remain.

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I am not a healthcare professional, however I do know what it is like to live with these conditions

For this reason, I am reaching out to specialists for a professional insight. Here’s an example of this regarding neuroimaging and Tourette.

Lived experience and research are vital for increased awareness.


I hope you follow me on the journey to better understand Tourette and OCD!

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