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Door checking OCD

Door and lock checking can be an exhausting compulsion, usually done when leaving the home or going to bed. Intrusive thoughts about


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Sensory-based OCD

ocd blog Sensory-based OCD Sensorimotor OCD is the obsession and hyperawareness of our bodily functions. Latest articles


Looking Obsessively

ocd blog looking obsessively at people or things in OCD Staring is one of the more embarrassing compulsions. Whether it is looking

Health OCD

ocd blog Health OCD Worries about health can be crippling. The anxiety can keep us from seeking advice and prevent us from


Gender and Sexual Identity

ocd blog gender and sexual identityin OCD Our identity is important. OCD however can have us doubting what our identity is, and


Counting and Numbers

ocd blog counting and numbers in OCD Numbers mean different things to each of us. But our routines and anxieties often come

OCD at Home

ocd blog OCD at home Home should be a place to feel safe and grounded. Our fortress. But often it is where


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Home intruder anxiety

Home intrusion is a very common worry. OCD can take that worry to the next level, resulting in many horrible intrusive thoughts

Memories ruined by OCD

Memories are a part of us. They are a combination of our experiences and life lessons gathered over the years. So what

Train platform anxiety

Even at rush hour, public transport can be a very lonely place. Despite this, many of us share the same intrusive thoughts

Understanding Transgender OCD

Transgender OCD involves intrusive thoughts around gender identity. Examples of this subtype include the worry that one is secretly transgender and denying

Food poisoning anxiety

Food poisoning can be a serious illness. For those with anxiety and OCD, eating can be a very difficult experience. This article