Tics involving teeth

Teeth can be the focus of tics in a tic-disorder. Very sensitive to pain, tics such as grinding, chattering and wobbling teeth can cause distress. Not to mention be very expensive if damage is caused. 

I noticed two things as a child. I despised the sound of gritted teeth, and hated the feeling just as much.

So of course, grinding teeth became one of my most common tics.

I would have to grind two particular teeth together… when one fell out one day it was stressful. I couldn’t satisfy the urge, and this tic slowly adapted to new teeth. 

Having to do something I hated so much on a regular basis, made much of my life a misery.

What do these tics drive you to do?

For some people, these tics involve biting, chattering or grinding teeth. For others, it may be to wobble teeth, whether already loose or not.

It may be to tap on our teeth with our fingers, or worse, hit them with force. 

Whatever the tic, the combination of sensitivity and cost for repairs makes this such a stressful tic to experience.

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