Tics involving clothing

Clothes can be affected by tics. This could be ripping a huge hole in jeans or throwing those brand-new shoes in the mud. Tics affecting clothes can impact us physically, and financially.

It’s a great feeling to wear brand new clothing.

That new look can wear fast, as tics can focus on clothes old and new. For many of us with tic-disorders, we experience tics that seem to target things we’d least like to do.

Examples of this can be ripping holes into clothing, spilling food and drinks onto clothes and biting the material.

When clothing feels more like prison

Clothing can cause sensory problems. Tight clothes can make us feel restricted, triggering tics. For some, loose clothing has the same effect. Certain materials may make us feel uncomfortable. 

This is something I personally have experience with. As a child, I had a woolly jumper that I would put on regularly. That was until I developed biting tics. I hated the feeling of the material when it was in my mouth, which of course developed into a tic that I still suffer with today, with the right material.

Sometimes, the material creates an urge to tic.