Tourettic OCD and Just Right OCD

Sometimes the line between Tourette Syndrome and OCD can be a little hazy.

This is when Tourettic OCD (TOCD) and Just Right OCD may more accurately define someones behaviors.

Sometimes I do tics that reverse an intrusive thought, sometimes I do OCD-style compulsions because of a feeling or ‘mental itch’ to do so.

It’s as if Tourette’s can lead to OCD, and OCD can result in Tourette’s.

Having a bridge between the two will no doubt help me understand my mind, and I am sure many people that are searching this condition feel a similar way.

Tourettic OCD

Exploring the grey area

Green Park Station has a cool feature. Down the escalators lies a tunnel that links the Jubilee (Silver) Line to the Piccadilly (Blue) Line.

As you walk, the tiles slowly turn from silver to blue. It is hard to notice the change unless you are paying attention.

This is how I feel about Tourettic-OCD and Just Right OCD.


I am finding it VERY difficult to differentiate between the terms Tourettic OCD and Just Right OCD.

All I know is that:

-Sometimes I do Tourette-style tics (such as saying a word out loud) but to reverse an OCD-style intrusive thought.

-Sometimes I do OCD-style compulsions (such as doing things in multiples of four) because of a TS-style sensory urge. 

I am scratching my head as I type this because I don’t know what is Tourettic OCD for me, what is Just Right OCD, and what is both.

My perspective of TOCD








How common is Tourettic OCD?

Tourette’s affects roughly 1% of the population, and OCD 2.3%. Tourettic OCD will no doubt be a number within these figures, although there isn’t much information on it because it can be hazy.

Over at International OCD Foundation, this article states that 60% of Tourette’s sufferers experience OCD symptoms. It goes on to say that 50% of children with OCD have tics, and 15% meet the criteria for Tourette’s Syndrome.

It seems that if you have one of these conditions, there is a chance you have both.

Piccadilly Line



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