OCD Staring at genitals

staring at genitals obsession

Since posting about obsessive staring, I have noticed there is a high amount of search queries for one specific compulsion. Staring at private parts/ genitals. I wanted to speak more about my experience and what I did about it. This became a problem when working in a hotel I won’t mention the specific hotel because … Read more

What makes my tics Tourette’s and not another tic disorder

Difference between TS and Tic Disorders

Everyone with Tourette’s has tics, but not everyone with tics has Tourette’s. I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome because I have both motor and vocal tics. It was also because these tics lasted longer than a year. My diagnosis helped me to see TS and other tic disorders more clearly. Topics covered: Explanation of tics … Read more

Tourettic OCD and Just Right OCD

Tourettic OCD

Sometimes the line between Tourette Syndrome and OCD can be a little hazy. This is when Tourettic OCD (TOCD) and Just Right OCD may more accurately define someones behaviors. Sometimes I do tics that reverse an intrusive thought, sometimes I do OCD-style compulsions because of a feeling or ‘mental itch’ to do so. It’s as … Read more

What’s the difference between Tourette’s and OCD?

Difference between TS and OCD

It can be hard to distinguish one condition from the next, especially if they both share similar characteristics. Tourette’s and OCD both consist of urges, compulsions and seemingly irrational behavior. So what is the difference between Tourette’s and OCD? As someone with both conditions, I felt it would be valuable to put this down in … Read more