Can someone with Tourette get a tattoo?

Sitting still with tics can seem like the hardest thing to do. But what if you want to get a tattoo?

Depending on the severity, a tattoo can be very easy, or pretty tricky. But that doesn’t mean tattoo parlours are going to turn you down.

Many people with Tourette syndrome have mild tics. Ones that persist, but don’t cause problems.

Tourette sufferers can drive, get a haircut, even perform brain surgery.

If tics can be suppressed for long enough periods, or don’t affect the areas of the body that are needed to be kept still, it shouldn’t be a problem.

As always, it’s on a case by case basis. Everyone is different.

It turns out many sufferers of Tourette syndrome have tattoos. 

And looking at forums on the topic, many artists are happy to tattoo someone with Tourette. Some already have.

Now sitting on someone’s body may seem like an extreme, however I am sure the person getting the tattoo consented to this. 

Tourette is a cruel condition, making it very difficult for a person to do the things they love.

If it means having someone help to make it possible, fair play to them.

Getting a tattoo is something that requires lots of thought and consideration. 

Tourette should be talked about with the artist, as this could really affect the session. 

Most tattoo artists are very open minded and accepting. If one does refuse to give the tattoo, there will always be other options.

Think carefully, talk openly and admire the creation afterwards. Maybe it tells a story of a life lived with Tourette? 

Whatever it is, don’t let Tourette hold you back.

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