Dear Gary, our condition isn’t your excuse

It has only been 24 hours since we published an article on Johnny Depp using Tourette as a joke back in May. 

Now, Gary Lineker has used Tourette as an excuse for a recently deleted Tweet, using the condition as the reason he said something that didn’t go down very well.

It came after the Lionesses win in Euro 2022 on 31st July, beating Germany 2-1 in extra time. Chloe Kelly scored the winner, taking her shirt off to celebrate in a photo that will be remembered for a very long time.

Gary, often using puns during football talk, Tweeted the following:

To some, it was a Tweet in support. For others, it was a rather inappropriate remark considering how long it has taken women’s football to gain respect.

Lineker deleted the tweet after reflection, and had some words to say on it.

“I’ve got dad joke Tourette’s” was used as a joke to make light of the situation. However this doesn’t make it okay.

Tourette syndrome is continuously used for comic relief, to the frustration and anger of the Tourette community. 

Emma McNally, CEO of Tourette’s Action in the UK, tweeted her frustration at the comments.

Families of those with Tourette have also expressed anger, calling on Gary to take a moment to notice Tourette isn’t a joke.

Do those that joke about Tourette realise that Tourette syndrome actually exists? That sufferers really do hear such comments?

We do, and they can be hurtful.

Sending out a bad Tweet is one thing, but blaming it on Tourette is another. 

Our condition isn’t an excuse.