When is Tourette’s Awareness Day/ Month 2022?

Tourette’s Awareness Month is celebrated around the world, consisting of many activities and informational events in the hope of raising awareness.

Tourette’s Awareness Month is a month long celebration raising awareness for the condition, between 15th May- 15th June. Some countries celebrate certain weeks within these months.

Here is a list of events being held by country, and I will add more when I find more information for Tourettes Awareness Month 2022.

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Tourette’s Syndrome Awareness Month- USA

Tourette Association of America (TAA) hold awareness month between May 15- June 15. For over 50 years the organisation has helped raise awareness and continue to do so.

Using the hashtag #MyTourette, individual stories and experiences are shared online. The community also share downloadable pictures and covers to social media and use the tag #TourettePledge to help make TS a disorder to be taken seriously.

Along with fundraising runs, virtual conferences and collectively wearing the color teal, this event is a wonderful community gathering. I am sure there is more in store this year.

Tourette’s Awareness Month- UK

Tourettes Action aims to ‘destigmatise Tourette Syndrome, showing the general public what the reality of TS looks like, dispelling some of the myths that surround it.’

The organisation would love the hashtags #ThisIsTourettes and #ItsNotWhatYouThink to be shared by anyone and everyone, in the hope of ending some of these myths whilst raising awareness.

It is also possible to order physical posters, as well as download digital ones, such as the one you can see in my right sidebar!

They also hold an annual #MoveForTourettes campaign. You set your own challenge, whether it be doing ten walking laps in the garden to doing a 10km run. Virtual groups were encouraged last year during the lockdown. Those that took part received a Tourette’s Awareness medal, certificate and wristband.

TS Awareness Week- Australia

Tourette’s Syndrome Association of Australia (TSAA) hold a week long awareness on 2-8 May. This seems to change every year.

Over on the TSAA website, they provide more information on the awareness event. They even offer downloadable packs for those struggling during the pandemic. A very kind gesture!

Keep up to date moving forward

As different countries celebrate in different ways, I will try to share each and every event I can find here and update it here. Tourette’s Syndrome is a condition that is still widely misunderstood, and awareness days aren’t as apparent compared to other disorders. But with each year that passes there is another opportunity to give it the recognition sufferers deserve.

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