Humming tics

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Please note: Articles on lived experiences can be a trigger for those with tics, OCD and anxiety disorders. Articles are intended to show we aren’t alone, and that help can improve quality of life.

Humming is a vocal tic. It is a variation of tic that some people with tic disorders experience, with its own unique challenges.

Humming is often considered a simple tic due to using only a limited number of muscles.

Humming can be subtle, or more complex

It can be in quick bursts, or follow a larger pattern, such as humming to a tune or only ‘feeling right’ after a certain period of time.

For those around the individual, this tic may be mistaken for a desire to hum, or another condition such as ADHD. Despite being a different cause, Tourette often co-occurs with ADHD. 

The tic may come from the urge to feel something, not hear something

As well as a desire to hear a humming sound, there may be an urge to feel a vibration in the throat, mouth and/or lips. 

Vocal tics do not always come from the urge to hear something, sometimes they come from the urge to feel specific movements and/or sensations.

Diagnosis comes from hearing an individuals experience, provided by a medical professional.

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DISCLAIMER: Articles contain lived experiences, but cannot be used to diagnose. Medical advice can only come from trained professionals. 

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