Punching tics

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Please note: Articles on lived experiences can be a trigger for those with tics, OCD and anxiety disorders. Articles are intended to show we aren’t alone, and that help can improve quality of life.

Punching tics can involve punching the air, objects, ourselves and sometimes others. This tic isn’t just a risk for the individual with tics, but also those that may be on the receiving end of it.

This tic can be painful, especially if punching involves making contact with something. 

Tourettes Hero has a punching tic

Along with a vocal tic to say ‘biscuit’, Jess Thom has a regular punching tic to the chest.

This is apparent when Jess talks to Russell Howard on his show, as seen below:

It would be lovely to chat to Jess and others with similar tics, to better understand how this specific tic affects day to day life. From injury prevention, to tips on how to cope. 

Hopefully we can in the not-too distant future!

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