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Motor tics in Tourette Syndrome

Motor tics are the tics that involve movement. These can be simple movements or more complex ones. 

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Punching tics

Punching tics can involve punching the air, objects, ourselves and sometimes others. This tic isn’t just a risk for the individual with

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Smelling tics

Smelling tics manifest as an urge to smell something, sometimes without a specific pattern or when a specific thing is in view. As

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Jumping tics

Jumping tics are self explanatory tics that are more complex in nature, given that it requires more muscle groups and takes more

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Kicking tics

Kicking tics can involve kicking the air, objects or people.  Very similar to motor tics such as punching, this tic can be

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Breathing tics

Gasping or breathing tics consist of inhaling or exhaling due to a tic disorder. They can be considered to be both motor and/or vocal tics. 

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Coughing tics

Coughing, grunting and/or throat clearing are some tics experienced by those with Tourette and tic disorders. With tics, it is often less about needing

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Biting tics

Biting is a tic that presents itself often within the community. It can involving biting body parts such as fingers and hair,

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Stretching tics

Stretching. Sometimes euphoric, sometimes a pesky tic doing more hard than good. According to, stretching… “…keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and

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