Elbow tics in Tourette syndrome

Elbow tics are motor tics, involving the elbow in a number of different ways depending on the individual. This may be touching the elbow, cracking the joints or elbowing things.

Is the elbow commonly affected by tic disorders?

It is hard to assess just how common tics in the elbow region are. But that isn’t to say they are rare.

Tics occur in all kinds of ways, and can change over time. The ways in which tics manifest are pretty much limitless, and can involve more than one body part or muscle group at a time.

It is an area prone to injury

PubMed (1) states the following in an article about elbow injuries:

Tendinosis is a common overuse injury and may occur on the lateral, medial, or infrequently, the posterior side of the elbow...
Repetitive trauma from overuse is the most common etiologic factor in athletes.

Of course this isn’t a post dedicated to athletes. However people with Tourette share the same risk of injury due to overuse, even if the causes differ.

Seeking advice from a healthcare professional can help to better understand tics and also prevent further injury.


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