Kicking tics

Kicking tics can involve kicking the air, objects or people. 

Very similar to motor tics such as punching, this tic can be painful. There is a risk of injury to the individual and sometimes loved ones if they are affected by the tic.

Kicking tics can be easily mistaken for anger

Kicking can be seen as an act of aggression or anger, however tics are nothing of the sort.

It is important for children with this tic to be fully understood, along with the reason why kicking is occurring. Parents, teachers and employers would benefit greatly from understanding tics and tic-disorders, and this will have profound results on the individual with tics.

Tourette can only be diagnosed by a specialist, and a diagnosis will have a positive impact on the individual experiencing tics.

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Disclaimer: Articles contain lived experience and research but cannot be used to diagnose. Diagnosis can only be obtained from a licensed professional.

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