Grunting tic

Grunting is a sound someone makes, in this case caused by a tic.

Not all grunting is a result of a tic, it can be a normal sound made by babies and toddlers for example.

It is similar to throat clearing, gargling and snoring, however tics are carried out when awake. Grunting tics are created intentionally, despite being unwanted.

This tic can be very similar to throat clearing tics, and come from the same processes.

What to look out for

Grunting can cause soreness of the throat, and be a disruption to day to day life.

Vocal tics such as this one can intensify in certain environments, such as in a library, classroom or exam. It is also important for families and teachers to understand tics to better understand the cause of the sound.

For the individual with tics, a diagnosis will better help them understand themselves, and the processes.


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Disclaimer: Articles contain lived experience and research but cannot be used to diagnose. Diagnosis can only be obtained from a licensed professional.

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