Throat clearing tics

Throat clearing tics come from a sensory urge to carry out a tic in the throat region. Tics vary a lot, and this tic may be carried out for numerous reasons. 

This may be:

  • To feel a scratching sensation in the throat
  • To hear a specific noise produced in the region

This may also be considered to be Copropraxia. Tourettes Action– the UK’s largest Tourette’s charity, describes copropraxia as:

"The uncontrollable performance of obscene gestures"

It could be argued that the pandemic and resulting fear of coughing in public, could be a trigger for some to carry out such a tic.

Some tics are well known to be ones that we consider controversial, and least desired at a specific moment.

The importance of confirming actions are tics

Throat clearing can seems like a normal bodily process. However it is important to identify what is causing this action.

One reason being it could be a sign of another condition, which would need attention. 

Tics can easily be mistaken for another condition, especially in young children that aren’t aware of tic disorders.

Throat clearing should always be investigated if happening for a prolonged period of time. Tics may be easier to spot if the action seems ‘forced’ or ‘unnatural’, however a medical professional will always be required to give a diagnosis.


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