Whistling tics

Whistling tics often originate from the desire to create a whistling sound.

This can be achieved by:

  • Using the lips to create a whistling sound when inhaling or exhaling
  • Using the fingers as well as the mouth and tongue to create a sound

Other sensations may be desired during a whistling tic, such as feeling the lips move in a certain way, or feeling the fingers pressed against the lips.

Breathing tics may also accompany this action.

It could be argued that some aspects of this tic are motor as well as vocal.

Notable people with whistling tics

Sweet Anita is a successful YouTuber suffering from Tourette syndrome.

The below video shows some of these tics, around some other tics, such as coprolalia.

Warning: Explicit language caused by tics

Whistling seems to be a common tic within the tic-disorder community.

As always, a diagnosis needs to come from those qualified to provide it.

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