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Mental Contamination

Intrusive thoughts contaminate the things I am doing such as reading, gaming or going to special events. These things become ‘dirty’ and often I abandon them.

This is different to physical contamination. The worry of germs, contact with people and objects and becoming ill.

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Memories ruined by OCD

Memories are a part of us. They are a combination of our experiences and life lessons gathered over the years. So what

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Scrupulosity and Religious OCD

OCD to religion is like fuel to a fire. It makes it so much more intense. For me, this is one of

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Perfectionism and Starting over OCD

ocd blog Perfectionism and Starting-Over OCD This is the obsession with perfection, and starting something again if isn’t right the first time.

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Social media OCD

We can post something and have it viewed by potentially billions of people in an instant. It only makes sense that my

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When OCD tried to ruin Rio De Janeiro

Mental Contamination is always threatening to ruin my experiences. And the more exciting the occasion, the more it wants to bring me

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Time OCD

Over the years I have had a problem with time-contamination. Intrusive thoughts coming at the wrong time and subsequently ruining that day,

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A gamer playing a game

Gaming with OCD

Do you have strange rituals when playing games that isn’t necessary for the game itself, but more to allow the mind to

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Reading with OCD

Reading with OCD can pose a challenge. It could be the need to go back and read sections again or read in

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Number OCD

Four is the magic number. I know why this is, and I know Number-OCD is a problem like all the others. I

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When OCD tried to ruin New York City

It is a bitterly cold March 2008. I’m 19 and on my first visit to New York City. To say I’m excited

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