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Ordering and Symmetry

Needing to have things in a certain order, or done in a certain way.

Ordering OCD– in my experience- can be very similar to Checking OCD and Just Right OCD, and I will describe how these overlap in some of the posts below.

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Social media OCD

We can post something and have it viewed by potentially billions of people in an instant. It only makes sense that my

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Emailing and OCD

Emailing is a simple task made difficult when it comes to OCD. Intrusive thoughts, checking and reading things over can increase the

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A gamer playing a game

Gaming with OCD

Do you have strange rituals when playing games that isn’t necessary for the game itself, but more to allow the mind to

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Reading with OCD

Reading with OCD can pose a challenge. It could be the need to go back and read sections again or read in

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Number OCD

Four is the magic number. I know why this is, and I know Number-OCD is a problem like all the others. I

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Fridge checking OCD

Fridge anxiety often comes from a worry that food will spoil or contaminate other foods. It can include checking, contamination and ordering/symmetry

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