Checking OCD

Checking OCD is fueled by a worry that something bad is going to happen. My obsessions and intrusive thoughts lead to my checking compulsions.

But checking isn’t always because of thoughts. They can come from a tic- like urge, similar to Tourette’s or Tourettic-OCD.

When this is the case, I feel the need to check because of a sensory urge or until it just feels right.

One check can take multiple attempts

When I check doors before bed, I check for security reasons. I may have thoughts of robbery or sleepwalking out the open door.

However, if I do a check and have an intrusive thought about something terrible happening to a family member, I have to do the check again.

The last thought had nothing to do with an unlocked door. But I made the check ‘dirty’ via mental contamination and I have to repeat until it feels right.

Sometimes there isn’t a thought at all. I may have a fuzzy feeling in my hand and touching the door handle will scratch that itch. Feeling the metal against my hand is the only way I can relax.

Again, nothing to do with my worry the door is unlocked. The check was needed to satisfy something different entirely.

OCD at Home

I suffer with checking compulsions a lot at home. And looking at my blogs more popular pages, a lot of you do too!

Here are a list of the more common problems:

Reading and Gaming

I try to escape into another world, but OCD usually follows me right in there.

Gaming OCD

If I am playing an open world game, I have strong urges to check areas again, even if I have already been there.

If I accidentally skip a cut-scene, I have to start over. Although I am confident I could probably keep going without much difficulty, I just need to double-check anyway.

Reading OCD

I have stopped reading because it just isn’t fun.

I check every single word, even before the introduction. I re-read the sentences constantly because I may have misread it.

I also experience this with emailing.

Like almost all my checks, these can come from Tourette, OCD or a combination of both.

Other common areas for checking compulsions:

Numbers and Counting OCD

Time-checking OCD

Social Media OCD

Staring OCD

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